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AMETEK Rotron Customers are assured a risk free program with regard to performance, schedule and reliability with the selection of AMETEK Rotron for product development activities. Our fielded products become the basis for any new development effort and bring years of design experience and know-how to new product development activities. Along with our proven design capability we offer:
  • Superior Reliability
  • On Time Delivery
  • Cost Effective Design
AMETEK Rotron has extensive experience managing product development for various aircraft programs, and utilizes a proven Program Management Approach to ensure a successful design phase which meets all program requirements. Careful coordination and open communication between team members ensures that all possible synergies are captured to maximize efficient use of each team member’s time.

AMETEK Rotron uses a full program management team concept. The component under development will have its own assigned team as follows:

  • Project Leader
  • Project Engineer(s)
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Materials Representative
  • Sales Representative
  • Marketing Representative
  • Customer Service Representative
 About Us - Program Management

Product-based Design Engineering Groups are responsible for assuring the success of the assigned projects through support to R&D, Marketing, Project Management and production support. The Quality of Design Group is responsible for facilitating and auditing the design and development process. Responsibilities of the Engineering Support Unit include Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Data Management, Drafting and Design, Full Prototype Capability and Engineering Laboratories.

AMETEK Rotron excels in motor-winding, machining, dynamic balancing, potting and assembly operations. In general, the critical processes required to manufacture and test our broad product offerings are performed within our own facilities, allowing for reduced lead times and greater control over production quality. Additionally, we have a strong experience base for specifying and procuring aerospace quality materials and components. Our ISO 9001 Quality System controls subtier suppliers to assure quality components are delivered on time. Our Supplier Quality Engineers manage our supplier base by frequent on-site audits.