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AMETEK Rotron has provided highly reliable fans and blowers to the military and aerospace markets since 1947. Through a broad range of product development experience, AMETEK Rotron has demonstrated its ability to design, develop, qualify and support cost effective, reliable products on aircraft and defense platforms worldwide. Our products are designed to meet specific environmental specifications (including shock and vibration, humidity, salt spray, temperature extremes, EMI, water resistance, etc). We have successfully qualified many products for use in Aerospace and Military applications, which meet, or exceed the imposed environment specifications.

     Founded by J. Constant van Rijn
1949     Incorporated as Rotron Manufacturing Company
1955     Began running high-temperature life tests on cooling fans
1958     Patented inverted inside-out motor design for airmovers
1958     Developed industry standard Muffin fan for electronics cooling
1960     First traded on Common OTC stock exchange
1961     Created/released
MIL-B-23071 standard for AC fans for US military
1973     Formed Custom, Commercial and Industrial divisions
1976     Acquired by EG&G, and became known as EG&G Rotron
1981     Began providing Large Vaneaxial fans to the aircraft industry
1983     Introduced electronically commutated brushless DC (ECDC) fan
1983     Acquired Frank Hill Associates (FHA), currently known as AMETEK Rotron El Cajon
1985     Sold Commercial Division currently known as Comair Rotron
1990     Re-organized Custom Division into Mil/Aero and Hi-Rel segments
1990     Began continuous improvement and
JIT initiatives
1998     Purchased by AMETEK and became AMETEK Rotron
1998     Moved Hi-Rel segment to Kent, OH
1999     Received ISO 9001 registration
2002     Magnum 170 ECDC fan introduced to Telcom market with UL/TUV approvals
2002     Corporate Acquisition of Air Technologies, England ISO 9001-2000 
              project initiated/Six Sigma initiative established.
2004     ISO 9001:2000 and AS9100:2004 approved.
2009     Rotron celebrates 60th year of operations.