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Discus Self Ventilating Heat Exchanger

The Discus Self Ventilating Heat Exchanger (SVHE) is a duplex pin fin heat exchanger with an integral motorized duplex impeller system designed to remove heat from a confined compartment without direct air exchange. The product incorporates a single brushless DC motor which turns two impellers on a common shaft, each circulating air past the exposed pin fin exchanger surface. Since there are two sets of pin fins and a separate internal and external airflow channels, compartment air does not mix with external air, with heat transfer occurring via convection from the circulating air and then by conduction through a common bulkhead connecting the two sets of integrated aluminum pin fins. Both surfaces of the product have attached aluminum covers to direct the airflow from the centrally mounted impeller with radial distribution out to the exit port ring located at the outer diameter of the product. The product mounting bracket, common bulkhead and both sets of pin fins are all incorporated into a single homogenous aluminum structure for maximum heat conduction, product robustness and precise product dimensions.
Discus Self Ventilating Heat Exchanger